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Knoxville Septic is here to help!

At Knoxville Septic we take septic and sewage problems serious… No Games, No Puns/Gimmicks, No Funny sayings, just professional septic services throughout Knoxville and surrounding areas to help you with your residential or commercial issues.

Offering the Following Services: Septic Tank Pumping, Septic Tank Repair, Septic Tank Location, Septic Tank Installation, Drain Cleaning, Grease Trap Cleaning, Hydro-jetting, and more.















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Septic Tank Pumping in Knoxville

If you are in need of a professional to Pump Your Septic Tank in Knoxville, let the experts at Knoxville Septic help you. As a general rule your septic tank should be pumped every 3-5 years to avoid issues. The exact amount however depends on how many people live in the household.

Knoxville Septic Repair

If you are having issues beyond just a full tank, it may call for a Septic Repair. Some problems can be solved easily and sometimes not. Septic Issues can range from an easy to replace broken pipe to a complete failure of the drain field.

Are you experiencing sewage backing-up? Are you seeing standing water near your septic tank area or yard? Contact us for a Free Estimate Today!

Septic Tank Installation

Do you have a new construction or need a new Septic Tank Installed? Let the professionals at Knoxville Septic install your new Septic Tank and get the job done right.

What Services Do You Offer

Knoxville Septic Offers the Following Services:

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Repair
  • Installation of Septic Tanks
  • Septic Tank Lids
  • Covers for Septic Tanks
  • Septic Tank Risers
  • Location of Septic Tanks
  • Septic Tank Inspections

How Much Does Septic Tank Pumping Cost?

The Average for Septic Tank Pumping in East Tennessee is $200-$500+. The price depends on several factors. Contact us today to get a free estimate!

How Long Does it Take To Pump a Septic Tank?

On average 30-40 minutes is needed to pump your septic tank (should the septic tank be uncovered). The average home features a 1000 or 1250 gallon septic tank which may include 1 or 2 backwashes.

What Areas Does Knoxville Septic Service

Knoxville Septic Services the Following Areas

Knox County: Knoxville, Powell, Halls, Karns, Farragut, Bearden, Cedar Bluff, Hardin Valley, Karns, Corryton, Gibbs, Bluegrass, Northshore, East Knoxville, Strawberry Plains, Seymour, South Knoxville, and more.

Anderson County: Oak Ridge, Clinton, Rocky Top, Oliver Springs, and more.

Loudon County: Lenoir City, Loudon, Philadelphia and more.

Sevier County: Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Pittman Center, Wears Valley, and more.

Blount County: Maryville, Alcoa, Townsend, Greenback, Rockford, and more.

Also: Morristown & Crossville.

Don’t See Your City on the List? Contact us today and let us see if we can help you!

How Do I Located My Septic?

Locating a Septic can be easy for difficult depending on a couple of factors. Our first recommendation at Knoxville Septic is to call the Department of Health for your area. You are able to request the location of your septic tank (as this should be on file with your county). This information will give you a pretty good idea of where your Septic Tank is located.

Another option is to let the professionals handle it. Using technology and our experience we are able to locate your septic tank in no time!

How Do Septic Tank Systems work?

A septic tank system is an underground wastewater treatment system that features a pipe exiting your house to a septic tank and a drain field (or leach field). All the water from your house exits your house from your main drainage pipe into the septic tank.

The Septic Tank

The septic tank is a container that is located underground near your house. Because of the septic tank’s nature, they are typically made out of concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Septic Tanks hold the wastewater from your house & allows solids to settle into a sludge while the oil and grease will flow out the exit near the top of the septic tank. The Septic tank utilizes compartments and t-shape outlet that prevents the sludge and scum from exiting the tank  into your drain field. Because of the design of the tank, the liquid wastewater will exit the tank into your drain field.

The Drain Field

The drain field is a man-made excavated area of land that typically consists of perforated pipes and porous types of material often gravel and covered by soil. As a result The porous material and perforated pipes help to filter the liquid wastewater before it gets into the ground water.

Why Choose Knoxville Septic for my Septic Needs?

Knoxville Septic is the experts when it comes to all things Septic in East Tennessee. We do not believe in games, puns / gimmicks, etc. we believe in offering a professional and reliable service to help you during your time of need. Your Septic and Sewage problems are not a laughing matter. Knoxville Septic believes in getting the job done right the first time and getting your property back to the way it was.

Call us or your schedule your Free Estimate on our Septic Services today to learn about the Knoxville Septic difference.

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